What does LMDI stand for?
LMDI stands for Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives
Is LMDI a government institution?
No.....LMDI is a non-governmental not for profit media institution.
Where is the head office of LMDI located?
LMDI's head office is located on the Tubman Boulevard YWCA Building in Congo town Monrovia-Liberia-West Africa.
What are the major activites of LMDI?
As a media institution, LMDI is primarily concerned with developing radio and TV programs about current socio-economic and cultural issues affecting the Liberian society. These programs are broadcast on the weekly basis all around the country through major broadcast stations.
Does LMDI have a other social media channels to broadcast?
Yes...LMDI is very active on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We even have a channel on Youtube where we are gradually uploading our media files
What kind of support does LMDI urgently stand in need of?
To a large extend, we stand in desperate need of financial and logistical supports to enable us continue the work we do. Over the period, we have recieved partnership support from the UNDP, USAID,the Carter center and many many more.
How is LMDI financed?
LMDI is partly financed by collaborating partners from both the International community and the private sector, including individuals and Small and Medium Size Liberian businesses.
Who is John Kollie?
John O. Kollie is the founder and Director of LMDI.
Which political party does LMDI support?
LMDI as a media institution does not support any individual political party a a way of demonstrating solidarity towards any group.
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